Sampson’s Notes, Flashcards, and other Academia Stuff from CS at UWaterloo

This post will be a mix of links to notes and flashcards, among other things. I’ll add new links to here periodically as I find and backdate through archives, or as I make new ones.

===== Flashcards =====

I find self / peer-quizzing with flash cards & doing sample exams to be the most effective ways to study. Memory retrieval exercises work much better than just reading material over and over (not much retention that way).

How to study the decks on QuizLet:

  1. Uncheck “Both Sides”
  2. Check “Term First”
  3. Click to flip the card
  4. Use left / right arrow keys to move between cards

Alternatively, you can download these study decks from with iOS apps, just search for “CS 458 UWaterloo”, I found it helpful to quiz myself during commute / in between classes:*/id403199818?mt=8

===== CS 458 –¬†Computer Security and Privacy =====

CS 458 – Up to Midterm

CS 458 – After Midterm to Final Exam

===== CS 349 РUser Interface ===== 

CS 349 – Midterm to Final Exam

===== CS 446 – Software Design & Architecture =====

(These are arranged by slide numbers, but the course content vary from prof to prof:)

(If you really wanted the flashcards for slides #1-3: the online version got deleted – I can upload a local copy, just ask)

===== PHIL 215 – Professional and Business Ethics =====

Link to all lecture notes on Google Docs

Flashcards – Midterm

===== ENGL 109 – Introduction to Academic Writing =====

Links to lecture notes on Google Docs

===== SMF 204 – Introduction to Human Sexuality =====

Google Doc – Lecture Notes: Fall 2013

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  1. Dude this is awesome lol. There’s also Anki with some really advanced features for web/desktop/android

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