Quick-and-Dirty Way to Download Embedded Videos (e.g. Flash) with wget and chrome in Linux

Skip the bloated installs of software for downloading embedded videos (or their equivalency in outdated scripts and chrome extensions). After 30 minutes of Googling for a way to download flash videos from websites and finding no good solutions for Linux specifically*, I hacked for a more direct route:

1. Open a new tab and go to chrome://cache/ in Chrome

2. Open another tab and go to the video page (e.g. http://vimeo.com/47875656)

3. Press the Play button on the embedded video player

4. Once the video begins playing, return to the chrome cache tab and refresh the page

5. Usually the 1st URL (or near the very top) will be something that resembles a static resource URI (often with session keys). e.g., in my case now for the above Terry Crews video it’s the following:


6. Copy that URL.

7. Go to terminal and do:

$ wget "paste_url_from_step_5_here" video_name_here_01

(Be sure to enclose the URL with quotes.)


– * There were a number of solutions still working for Windows, such as real player extension, orbit, etc. Alas, as far as I could tell there is no recent apps for Linux. (Let me know if you find a stable one or faster method)

– There were a few chrome extensions, but all terribly outdated. There were also a few greasemonkey scripts for Firefox that I didn’t get to test.

– Chrome used to store all temp files directly in /tmp/, then it moved to home/[user_name]/.cache/…, and now it stores cached files with SQLite. (If you know a quick solution to pull cached files out of that DB, do share.)

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