Hi, I'm Sam!Hello, I am Sampson.

I am a Site Reliability Engineer at Google in Mountain View, CA.

I love ideas. I feel strongly about innovation. I believe in shaping a better future via technology.

I recently graduated from the Computer Science program at University of Waterloo, where I was also part of the Velocity Startup Incubator.

In summer 2013, I worked for Facebook as a Software Engineer, where I:

  • Rebuilt the Profile Info View (work history, basic info, contacts… etc) across all mobile platforms for over 819 million monthly active users.
  • Implemented the Mutuality Collections framework for computing & rendering 3rd-party privacy-aware commonality sets in friendships, such as mutual movies watched, tagged photos, and future events.
  • Shipped “Big Thumbs Up” button for Facebook Desktop Messenger as a Hackathon project!

Prior to that, I worked on the BlackBerry 10 as a Software Developer for Research In Motion. In my free time, I contribute to open source projects such as Review Board, a powerful web-based code review tool. I also like working on side-projects that make users’ and developers’ lives easier: such as Sack – a faster way to use ack / grep / ag.

I am active on StackOverflow, where I like to play a game by picking unanswered questions on topics that I have no prior knowledge of, then quickly research, implement, test, and explain a working solution on the spot. Here are some of my favorite problems. Problem-solving is an amazing way to learn (and can be quite addictive!)

You can also find out more about me at the following places: